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Below are some recent actual testimonials from past members of MailQuiz.  These testimonials have not been doctored, or edited in any way.  Want to add yours? click here.

"Your website is awesome! I struggled for a few days at getting good test scores, but I got better and better. I have scored a 98 and a 95 on 2 of the 3, and all I need to do now is ace the last part. I feel confident going into tomorrow's test. Thanks MailQuiz"

Belleville, IL

"Hey folks. I took the 460 rural carrier associate exam in Connecticut on August 30 2006. I received a letter on September 18 with a grade of 81.3 with my veterans preference made it an 86.3. Not as good as I would have liked but things happen. Yesterday September 30 2006, I received a letter from the Post Office with a offer for a rural carrier associate $17.51 per hour!  I was very surprised, I didn't know if my score was high enough but I guess it was. Thanks to MailQuiz for helping me start my career! "

David D.

"I used your practice tests for the rural carrier and it really helped me a lot!!!! I just got my test results back from the examination administration office and am happy to announce that I passed my exam and am now awaiting to be hired at the Columbus, MS post office. Thank you so much for having this website. It was a major help to me and am sure that it will be a big help to anyone that uses it. I only wish that there was a way to help people who cant afford this website to get the same help. God Bless and have a great day... "

Columbus, MS

"Got my results back mid October. 80.20 also. Ok score for the 1st time taking the test I think. Plus I just today got a job offer; City Carrier. It's from my 3rd choice area and no guarantee on hours 12-20 possible, but still good to get an offer. "


"I took the exam Nov 17th and received my score Dec 7th. I got an 85 on the basic score plus an extra 5 points for veteran's preference giving me a total of 90. A week after I got a letter asking me to come in for an interview. I declined due to the distance. I wrote the examination center a letter and requested a change of registers from one area to a closer one. Today, a month later, I received another letter for an interview, which will take place on Jan 26th."


"Hey everyone just wanted to let you know I took my test on October 6 2005 I got my results on Nov 72005 and today I received a letter in the mail for an interview on June 13 2006 I got an 83.5! The job is for a part time flexible career position!  Wish me luck!!!!"


"I just want you to know that I received a score of 81 on test 473. Because of you, not only did I pass the test, but I now have a job with the USPS. Even though I still have to pass probation, that part is up to me. (Any suggestions?) I have to tell you that my passing the test was because of you. The practice tests you offer on your website are almost identical to the one I took. In fact, your test was a bit more difficult, which I believe helped prepare me more. Okay, so I didn't get 90 or above, but I got what matters....the Job!"

T. Morris
A Very Happy Customer!


"This was a good site, I passed the exam with a total score of 90.10 which, I am sure I would not have done, if not for this site."

David T.
Honolulu, HI

"Well, I took the test yesterday, now the wait is on! I have to say that this site was a big help for preparing me. There were no surprises."


"I passed.  Thanks MailQuiz.  I'm now on my way to the interview."

New York City, NY

"I could have sworn that I was taking one of the practice exams.  I was so confident taking the exam that I finished first in my group.  Enjoy the holidays."

Kyle S.
Seattle, Washington

"I know I did great on the exam.  I only prepared for 2 days, but had a good understanding of what to expect."

Boston, MA

"I start on October 3rd.  Thank you to everyone at MailQuiz.com."

Pedro M.
Houston, TX

"I struggled the first time I took the exam.  Didn't really know what to expect.  After taking it then, and preparing with MailQuiz.com I know I'm going to ace.  Everything you have in the program was on the exam"

Mikol, M
Honolulu, HI